• Trust the Process

    Watercolor is at the core of Holly Sage Art. The thing that first drew me to painting watercolor is just how peaceful it feels.  For a fiery broad from New York it takes a lot to help me zen-out, but the water and paint move across the page together like river stones in a serene calm […]

  • Art that moves…

    Once upon a time… When I was teaching art classes to NYC gang members (that’s right, I was hardcore for a little while) – they used to tell me all kinds of stories.  One of my favorites was about their times tagging New York City subway cars.  Their eyes would light up, “me and my […]

  • Risk it

    Most great journeys begin with great risk. We have to let go and allow our hearts to be vulnerable in order to receive the precious gifts of the universe. Often with vulnerability there comes possible receptivity to pain – therein lies the challenge. True risk takes trust and letting go. When, at 34 years old, […]